Medicaid (medical assistance) provides health care coverage to families who may not otherwise have access to health care. The program is designed for children, pregnant women, the elderly and individuals with disabilities. Some adults with children may also be eligible. Medicaid may pay for a portion of doctor visit costs, hospital expenses, nursing home care and home health care. In some cases, transportation to the doctor may also be available.

How to Qualify:

You must:

  • Be a United States citizen or meet Medicaid citizenship requirements
  • Have or are able to obtain a Social Security Number
  • Be an Ohio citizen
  • Meet financial requirements

If you are not sure that you or your family qualify for coverage, you should still apply.

How to Get Started:
Fill out an application and mail it in, call (513) 887-5600 or 1-800-582-4267 to obtain an application or apply in person at 315 High Street, 8th Floor, Hamilton, Ohio 45011.

 What to Bring:

  1. Birth Certificate

  2. Social Security Cards

  3. Household income

  4. Number of people in the household

  5. Verification of pregnancy or disability

  6. Verification of identity

  7. Proof of citizenship

  8. Verification of private health insurance

  9. Medical bills (last 3 months)

  10. Resources (car, bank accounts, life insurance policy, etc)

Medicaid Eligibility Citizenship Information:

Under new federal Medicaid rules, new applicants and current recipients of Medicaid must to establish or continue to establish eligibility, submit proof of identity and citizenship to the department.

A copy of the informational flyer issued by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services may be viewed here:
Citizenship Verification Requirement Flyer

For applicants or recipients who do not have a certified copy of their birth certificate, and who were born in the United States, the following links may be of assistance. You can print out and complete the blank forms and submit them to the department for assistance in verification, or submit them yourself with the appropriate payment.

To obtain a certified copy of your birth certificate, you must complete and submit a request to the state in which you were born:
State’s Birth Record Request Form

Please note that Maine does not have a form, you instead send a letter. Details are at that state's particular link--click below:
Maine Birth Verification Form

If you were born within Butler County, Ohio, you can have a birth verification completed at a local health department where the birth occurred:

Please note these verifications must be completed by a BCDJFS representative with your case information before being submitted to the local agencies.
Butler County Birth Verification Forms

If you were born within Ohio but outside Butler County, you can have a birth verification completed by the State of Ohio.
Ohio Birth Verification Form

To submit the form yourself or if you want more information on state birth certificate requests, you can locate each state’s information here:
Directory of State Vital Records Office